Monday, May 30, 2005

Calling All Angels !

I am in need of an army of angels!

A dear friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery last week, and is looking at chemo and radiation as soon as she has healed from the surgery. Here's the rub... she has little to no support network and is in a bad way. To make matters worse, I have just recently moved out of state, so I'm not as local as I would need to be.

I have another legion of angels praying for her, and you can do that as well if you like, but I am calling on you to send her cards and little acts of kindness in the mail.

Her name is Helen, and we go way back to grade school. She doesnt have email, so postal mail would be a real treat and would help lift her spirits and keep her focused on getting well.

Here's her name and address:
Helen Camper
588 Valleywood Rd
Millersville, MD 21108

She doesnt know I am asking, but I am sure she would appreciate any little act of kindness or consideration you might extend to her. I know I would be very grateful if you would keep her on your radar screen as she goes along this scary, lonely journey.