Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Riot of Color @ the Philadelphia Flower Show

It was a gorgeously frigid day Tuesday here at the beach when I boarded a charter bus that would take me to the annual Philadelphia Flower Show. At the end of the two-hour ride up Route 1, Philadelphia proved why it is named the City of Brotherly Love. When the bus stopped to allow us to disembark, the city swallowed me in a big hug and dazzled me with its kaleidescope of sights and sounds and smells.
Across the street from the Convention Center, another wonder to behold, the Read Street Market, which is reminiscent of Pike Market in Seattle or Lexington Market in Baltimore -- an adventure for the senses and a reminder that beach life sometimes can be a little sterile.


BRAEN said...

WOW ! Beautiful shots !!!

DragonflyG said...

Hey there - I'm challenging myself to do at least one photo every day and post it - I may live to regret this sinc eI cann't fudge as the digital records the date & time a photo was taken :-) Do you care to join me in this challenge fellow photo tog?